99 Ways To Bond with Your Child

Jan 31 2011

from countingphotons


As most parents get really busy with their work, the bonding element seemed to have lessened in most families.

Bonding can always be a challenge for these parents (including stay-at-home parents who are always busy with their house chores). Most working parents find it really tough to bond with their kids and many may equate physically being with them to bonding with them.

There are in fact so MANY ways you can start bonding with your child right now.

Here is my list of 99 ways you can use to bond with your child:

1. Feeding your child milk
2. Reading stories to your child
3. Eating with your child
4. Bathing your child
5. Spend time together playing
6. Going to school together
7. Going for a stroll in the park
8. Buying toys together
9. Piggy back your child
10. Get involved with his activities
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Don’t forget your wife

Jan 20 2011

from 21644167@N04


A parent never rest.

Even when she is physically resting for that few minutes, she is already thinking what else her child needs.

Eating? Bathing? Sleeping? Playing? (the list is endless)

“Don’t forget washing and cleaning up after them.

Being a parent myself, everyday seemed to be centered around our baby.

I feel this is common in other families too. Don’t you think so too?

Even for working parents, they are most probably thinking about their children in the office. Thinking about paying for their camps, college, getting affordable whole life insurance so make sure they have a good future.

Day in, day out…we are always focusing on meeting their needs and making sure they are well taken care of.

Inevitably, the parents spent countless years getting really busy with their kids and their jobs – and some struggling like me.

As a result, parents Stop growing and Stop developing.

Getting busy with the same thing is not growing.

Life is never the same again!

I have heard many of my female friends lamenting “Why life is so different in the days of courtship and marriage?”

If you are married, you know what I mean.
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Life’s A Struggle For Parent

Jan 13 2011

“Daddy, it is not funny…amuse me some more…”

For a parent to take care of a child is really very taxing. Can’t imagine how many times more taxing it is for a single parent to take care of 5 kids and one of them is autistic.

It is not easy. Being a parent is a struggle. Yes, I am struggling.

Everyday starts early and my alarm clock does not serve its purpose anymore.

I have a new alarm clock - my baby daughter.

Every morning at 7.30am without fail, she will wake up, sit up straight and look at me while I am sleeping. After some time when she becomes impatient, she will crawl towards to me (my head to be exact) and start using her little hands and fingers to pat my face and pull my hair.

(No wonder now I have less hair and now I understand why some young daddies are bald.)

7.30am is time for her milk.
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Videos for Daddies and Mummies!

Jan 10 2011


To thank to all daddies and mummies for doing such an excellent job in taking care of their children and managing their homes, we have created 2 videos.


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Why DO parents feel guilty about not spending enough time with kids?

Jan 06 2011

from 44858181@N00

Parent A says: “I have so many things to do.”, “I have no time for my kid.”

Sounds familiar?

I admit. I always tell this to myself. (And yes, I feel guilty. :p)

Why most parents (if not all) are so stressed up?

While managing the dozens of tasks at home and outside home, 24 hours a day seemed to be never enough for any parent to complete them. Many are spilled over to the following day, adding on to the daily tasks which a parent has to do.

As uncompleted tasks grow, the stress and frustration grow too.

Mounting tasks + children demanding more time from you = a parent going to be BERSERK!
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